Make room for big projects

A todo list app that only allows a small number of todos before your week fills up

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Find a healthy pace by focusing on the big picture

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🦄  Benefits

⚡️ Features

Prioritize easily

Know when work will become overwhelming before it actually does

Focus long-term

Plan out milestones a month ahead of time, so you can stay focused

Stay in work-mode

Use an app that feels more like using a notepad than a full productivity app

Stay sane

Pace yourself and leave extra leeway so you don't burn out

⚡️ Features

Low-on-time warning

Get a warning when your todos run over your healthy limit

Work week-to-week

See the high-level of all your weekly goals instead of just day-to-day

Easy to use

Marking todos as done or adding a custom time to a todo is easy as pie

Healthy defaults

We know the pain of feeling behind, so we help you set expectations you can meet

Hi, I'm David!

I created TodoPal after years of mindlessly checking off todos in other apps.

I started to wonder how I could feel so productive while not getting any real work done.

So I made an app that reminds me that my time is limited and precious.

Launched in 2 days with Remake & Boxes.css! 🎉